A performative city walk

How well do we actually know our city? What secrets do the streets of the old town hide? Do stones have feelings? And what longings do statues have?
Mainz is a city with a long history and much of it can still be easily recognised today in the many and varied historical places. But, as is so often the case, it is worth taking a second look, which reveals much that is surprising and disconcerting.

We have invited performance artists who are friends of ours to be inspired by the incredible and bizarre stories of various places in Mainz and to interpret them artistically. If stones could talk, what would they tell us? The result is a city tour of a different kind, in which visitors not only learn more about ancient and medieval Mainz, but also meet an unusual saint, learn about almost forgotten shameful deeds from Mainz's history and get to know the strange stories behind seemingly unremarkable places. You can trust the two genuine Meenzer tour guides who lead you through Mainz's old town unconditionally...or can't you?

Behind the familiar format of a city tour is a performative lesson on the subject of lies, legends and fake news. In the course of the tour, the audience is told a number of lies. At the end of the performance, there will of course be a resolution and some important tips on fact-checking.

Hier der Trailer zur Premiere am 15. September 2023

With: Schmitt&Schulz, Silvia Sauer, Marco Jodes, Snezana Golubovic und Mo Walker

Supported by the Performing Arts Fund with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media within the framework of NEUSTART KULTUR and by the Ministry for Family Affairs, Women, Culture and Integration RLP, the Lotto Foundation RLP, the City of Mainz and the Mainzer Stadtwerke (public utilities).