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guest productions

Here you will find our current productions that we offer for touring.


A series of performances on the subject of the body and public space by Schmitt & Schulz

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non stop on stage

nonstoponstage knows no borders. Anything can happen, nothing has to. Spontaneous ideas lead to unexpectedly whimsical interactions...

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About Live

What is life actually about? What is important? How should one live, how not? What do you want to achieve? What should life offer you?

A performance evening about wishes, hopes, disappointments, successes, experiences, breakdowns, sentimental moments, sad events, big emotions, about small and big happiness.

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When will we meet again? Staging

January 2022: Three performers, one VJ - a pandemic. All at home in front of their computers with many unanswered questions: Can performance art work online? Can the problems of the world be solved in a performative video meeting? And...when will we meet again? 8 months later, the four finally meet live.
Have they been succsessful?

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Um Kopf und Kragen

- the talk performance from Schmitt&Schulz

Normally Schmitt&Schulz interview interesting guests from culture and society, but this time they invite each other onto their talk show.

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In addition to joint performances, the two performers Nic Schmitt and Peter Schulz also work on solo projects:

Peter Schulz

Nic Schmitt


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