This bus must be diverted.

Please keep calm.

Everything is prepared for you.

Your safety can be guaranteed at all times.

Keep calm.

Follow me.      

You can trust me.

Everything will be fine.

Each of you will have your turn.

For the performative city tour "Fahrt ins Blaue" by Kulturbäckerei Mainz on 5 October 2023 on the theme of "City of the Future", we abducted the guests to a dystopian ambience of a different kind. Every minute, we whisked the irritated visitors through a post-apocalyptic party setting hidden in an empty old industrial hall.

In Rite To All visitors are herded by a silver disco astronaut into a cave-like room lined with aluminium, where a mysterious golden machine being awaits them. There, without comment, they are asked to take part in a mysterious ritual, the meaning of which remains hidden. Is it the futuristic derivation of a Last Supper or a bizarre inoculation ceremony or both at the same time? Is the serum a secret antidote, a contrast agent or even poison? Is it a hard drug or a harmless drink? What happens if I refuse? Due to the absolute obligation to silence, visitors only have one chance to find answers for their questions: by deciphering the clues offered by the room itself. What do the objects that look like relics of religious symbols mean? What do the kaleidoscopic projections mean? Are the droning rhythmic sounds the last remnants of an extinct culture? And what is the big golden machine being all about, which tries to influence its visitors in a kind of short sermon? Does everyone get out of here? Or only those who find the answers?

Rite To All is an interactive performance installation for up to 10 spectators. Each run lasts approx. 5 minutes.