A performance game with erotic charms and shameful crossing of borders

Imagine playing truth or dare again. Exciting what you can find out there. And also sexy when imagining a thing or two or when someone who doesn't want to tell the truth has to perform frivolous punishment tasks. But how far do you want to go? Where does voluntary self-exposure end and where does modesty begin? How much do you want to say or do? How much intimacy do we want to keep to ourselves and what do we reveal about ourselves in public?

In the search for maximum media presence and in self-portrayal overzealousness, more and more people are revealing a lot about themselves that it would have been better to keep to themselves in the past. But how sexy is it to experience everything - really everything? And what is real anyway and where does the shameless lie begin?

Nic Schmitt and Peter Schulz dare to try for you and face this challenge in a duel: In their very specific stage version of the well-known party game Truth or Duty, they not only explore their own limits, but maybe also those of their viewers.

Special tools are available to viewers for voyeuristic intensification, censorship and evaluation. Witness this daring game where the performers can only lose and the spectators can only win!

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