Durational Performance Improvisation by Schmitt&Schulz

Minimum duration 2h, normal duration 4-8h, maximum duration unlimited

nonstoponstage has no boundaries. Everything can happen, nothing has to happen. Spontaneous ideas turn into unexpected bizarre interactions which unfold into an atmosphere of absurd aesthetics: exciting, intense, shrill and funny.

In one flash of moment, the performers are themselves in a state of calm and concentration. In the next moment they are already extremely lively and cheerful or wild and dangerous … but Schmitt & Schulz on the other hand are in the moment, constantly in action. Whether it’s three minutes, half an hour or the entire eight hours of performance improvisation – every viewer decides how long one will last – accept the challenge!

nonstoponstage is a durational improvisational performance experiment for two performers. It is located at the interface of visual and performing arts. Schmitt&Schulz walking onto an empty stage without knowing what is about to happen. Everything happens impromptu, from an interaction with the audience, an impulse or a sudden inspiration: a tempo and rhythm-varying but never-ending flow of aesthetic and highly imaginative, performative scenes.

Intention and structure

With nonstoponstage, Schmitt&Schulz are consciously refusing every form of a staged, conceptual performance with any planned content and well-calculated aesthetics: As a well-rehearsed team, they consistently follow their artistic intuition.

This means a constantly new, unique performance, an almost inexhaustible creative potential. Every minute is charged with the urgency of making new decisions. Thus, nonstoponstage brings the thrill of risk, but then offers the artists the greatest possible degree of freedom

For the creativity to fully develop, a long duration is essential for nonstoponstage. An attentive, insightful tension grows, as well as the performers or the audience point of view. Also a latent possibility of failure becomes apparent. Again and again, real performance highlights are created that are all the more powerful because they develop out of the moment.



Trailer (2016):

Other shortcuts:
(11 minutes from a performance in Mainz and one in Mannheim)
(16 minutes from an eight hours performance at the museums night 2013)