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den tysta början till slutet

Performance by Schmitt & Schulz

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As an alleged reconstruction of a successful Swedish production, Schmitt & Schulz bring an ominously surreal scenery to the stage with til början till slütet (the quiet beginning of the end). With oppressive and persistent slowness and concentration on the moment, they create an imaginary space in which time seems to crawl.

Together with the performance artist Dr. Treznok, the two performers and directors use bizarre gestures, objects rich in symbols and atmospheric sound collages to constantly develop new constellations of different, sometimes bizarre figures.

The mysterious scenery, which was inspired and allegedly reconstructed by the disturbing and fascinating imagery in David Lynch's short film series Rabbits (2002), experiences an ironic intensification when the three performers add even more surreal scenes in the subsequent self-made development.

Schmitt & Schulz developed their 40-minute performance in 2015 as part of the theme week hochschnellerweiter at the performance art depot Mainz.

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With this work they also formulate a statement on the increasing pressure to succeed in the production and perception of art. With a wink, Schmitt & Schulz reflect the claim to be even more innovative, even more spectacular, as international as possible with each new production and take the hype about fame as a supposed seal of quality and make fun of it.

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