Bare Facts – Nude Facts

the smile between my lips – Performance by Schmitt&Schulz

The desire for privacy spreads. In various reality shows we watch people in the most embarrassing and intimate moments. Whoever presents themselves the best or the most merciless, will be chosen as the fan favourite.

The open use of private images on the Internet leads to a reduction of the inhibition threshold and ensures that physical and intimate details get a much stronger meaning for our self-representation, as it was the case in the past. The well-styled body becomes a figurehead of the personality. Real or fake? Nobody cares anymore. The most authentically presented intimacy is what is in demand. The viewer wants to know more. The viewer has to know more because the supposedly private is more attractive and direct.

With the series Bare Facts – Nude Facts, the Mainz artist duo Schmitt&Schulz put physical and mental nudity to the test. In „The smile between my lips“; the two performers confront the audience with the usual ironic way. An exhibitionistic, interactive collage of intimate desires, wild fantasies, dark thoughts and embarrassing facts. Now the questions arise: What do we perceive as intimate and what is actually authentic here?

link to Teaser of Bare Facts