In February, Schmitt&Schulz are invited to experimental action in Houston (Texas) to perform nonstoponstage! Please support the gofundme-campaign to help pay for the travel costs:

On January 25th and 26th Schmitt&Schulz‘ new performance about life will be having its premiere!

Having reached about the midst of their lives, Nic Schmitt (43) and Peter Schulz (48) draw up an interim balance. They pause, look back and forwards and put their lives on the test.

The two performers and directors stage each other, so that they both create a solo-performance: at one time Nic Schmitt as solo performer directed by Peter Schulz, at one time Peter Schulz as solo performer directed by Nic Schmitt.

A two-piece solo-performance-evening unfolds about memories, wishes, goals, hopes, disappointments, successes, experiences, glitches, sentimental moments, sad occurrences, big emotions, about the small and the big luck.

En passant Schmitt&Schulz contemplate death, reflect on fundamental philosophical thoughts, construct utopias and draft approaches to solutions for world peace and against climate change.

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Symbiotically in reflection of one own existence and realization of empirical impressions, we want to encourage you to have unorthodox mind games. We question manifestations of gridlocked froms of being stilistically and aesthetically. Every way of perception is strongly asked for and requested. In free manner of association and pure joy of playing, togwther we think of new forms of being. Is there a higher goal? Not at all, we rather wish for ongoing recreation and fabulating storms of excitement, our attentions hold for the creation of illustrious worlds.

Together with you dedicate ourselves on these evenings to phenomenological impressions and contextualise those in a free sensual orgy. Splendid and brilliantly, sometimes generous, never misanthropic, you can only guess where it will go. Feel like more? Come by!