List of Projects

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Jan 2017
Bare Facts – Nackte Tatsachen

the smile between my lips
interactive performance focusing on intimicy and privacy   >>>
Preliminary report Neustadtanz. >>> Article AZ >>>
Video >>>

Jan//March/Sept 2016
nonstoponstage as a part of Watch&Eat
durational performance improvisation, each 4h.
Video January >>>  Video March >>>

Nov 2015
höher schneller weiter

ironical megaperformanceoverload combining 15 different projects
Video  AZ >>> Trailer >>>

Performance „den tysta början till slutet“ (the quiet beginning of the end) >>>  Video >>>

Jan/Feb/March/Sept/Oct 2015
nonstoponstage as a part of Watch&Eat

durational performance improvisation, each 4h
Video September >>>

Nov 2014
The Proformance     
High-End Performance on the subject of humans and machines >>>    Video >>>

March/June/Oct 2014
nonstoponstage as a part of Watch&Eat
durational performance improvisation, each 4h
Video March >>>

Nov 2013
Wahrheit oder Pflicht

frivolous performance game  >>>    Video >>>

Aug 2013
commissioned work for the employment office Mainz

nonstoponstage reloaded
durational performance improvisation, 8h. (Night of the Museum,MZ)
Video >>>

Dec 2012
Das Ende!
Infotainment performance series with seven episodes focusing on the apocalypse >>>

Oct 2012
Tanz ohne Tänzer (2)

dance perormance >>>  Video >>>

June 2012
nonstoponstage (2)
durational performance improvisation, 8h. (Night of the Museum,MZ) >>>

Feb 2012

durational performance improvisation, 6,5 h. (Fluxusfestival MA)
Video >>>

Nov 2011
Was Ihr Wollt

performance with our seventy-years-old mothers>>>
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Oct 2011
Tanz ohne Tänzer

dance performance>>>

June 2011
Defend your gender!

Commissioned stage performance for the party series. Let’s go queer Wiesbaden

Feb 2011

ironical carnival performance >>>   Video >>> 

Nov 2010

durational performance in a mirrored Maze lasting several days >>>   Video >>> 

Sept 2010
peeping pad

performance improvisation in the pad store window

July 2010
Season 2, part. 5 „foul play“ ironical football-grotesque

May 2010

performance installation for the Night of the Museums Mainz

Feb 2010
Pflegeserie* Season 2, part 4

“Norhärlor” ironical carnival performance

Jan 2010
Pflegeserie* Season 2, part 3
apocalypticle, prophecy performance spectacle

Dec 2009
Pflegeserie* Season 2, part 2
Lecture-performance about staging concepts

Nov 2009
Pflegeserie* Season 2, part 1
Casting-Performance with Heike Preiß & Dr. Treznok

March 2009
Pflegeserie* part 6
Body performance dealing with the deconstruction of the body
Video >>>

Feb 2009
Pflegeserie* part 5
123 Narretei – ironical carnival performance

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Dec 2008
Pflegeserie* part 4
performance exploring time and space
Video >>>

Oct 2008
Pflegeserie* part 3
a performance forcusing on ugliness in performance

Sep 2008
Pflegeserie* part 1/2
performance on nudity in performance

Aug 2008

performance-installation in a foil maze (Night of the Museum, Koblenz)

May 2008
performance-course for the Night of the Museum

March 2008
performative action on the dancefloor

March 2008
Katze aus dem Sack

performance for our open stage night

Nov 2007
making sense

opening production for pad

The world is round
performative reading of a Gertrude Stein text

Spielstädte interaktives Projekt.
interactive project for the public sphere

Das Schiller-Spiel
interactive performance

durational peformance in a mirrored store

secret actions

improvisational movement project


* Pflegeserie = Performance series of fast stagings. Every application is a new performance.