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Bare Facts – Nackte Tatsachen

With the series Bare Facts – Nude Facts, the artist duo Schmitt&Schulz from Mainz put physical and mental nudity to the test.

den tysta början till slutet

As an alleged reconstruction of a successful Swedish production Schmitt&Schulz bring with til början till slutet (the quiet beginning of the end) an ominous surreal scene on the stage.

The Proformance

The mechanization and digitization of our world is progressing. In the wake of constant broadening and improving of our possibilities the demands increase … Optimization is now popular. Only the performing arts – like anachronistic – still work analogously with actors made out of flesh and blood and can therefore no longer compete in a technological competition. But that’s finally over:

Wahrheit oder Pflicht / Truth or Dare

These days, Sex and nudity are part of our everyday life. One opens the paper and on page 2 you will find a lascivious woman starring at you. One turns on the TV and you will see how liquid chocolate is running down blood red painted lips of a half-opened mouth that is mourning in pleasure.


nonstoponstage has no boundaries. Everything can happen, nothing has to happen. Spontaneous ideas turn into unexpected bizarre interactions which unfold into an atmosphere of absurd aesthetics: exciting, intense, shrill and funny.

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