Truth or Dare

…Sex sells…

A performance game that plays with erotic charms and shamefully breaks boundaries

These days, Sex and nudity are part of our everyday life. One opens the paper and on page 2 you will find a lascivious woman starring at you. One turns on the TV and you will see how liquid chocolate is running down blood red painted lips of a half-opened mouth that is mourning in pleasure. A number shows up on the screen… “Naughty women want you!”… On the internet you will find “hot singles nearby” who want to get in contact with you. Sexy men’s buttocks and six pack bellies are advertising underpants, breasts are seen on yoghurt commercials and rhinos are capable of driving a car.  Sex Sells! There is no way out and no escaping. But one can deal with the sales-promoting minor matter of the world:

Imagine you are playing a game of truth or dare. It is very interesting what you can find out about other people and it can also be very sexy to imagine certain things about the other person or furthermore when the person denies a truthful answer and has to do a dare instead. How far will one go? Where does voluntary self-exposure ends and where does modesty begin? How much do you want to say or do? How much intimacy do we want to keep to ourselves and what do we reveal in public?


Today, more and more people are giving away too much information about themselves, because they are looking for maximum media presence and self-serving eagerness. Information they probably would have kept to themselves in the past. But how sexy is it to know every single detail about the other person – literally everything? What is real at all and where does the shameless lie begin?


Nic Schmitt and Peter Schulz dare to take on this challenge: In their very own specific stage version of the well-known party game Truth or Duty, they not only explore their own limits, but also those of their viewers.

A daring game where the actors only lose and the audience only win.

Idea, concept, stage, direction and actors:
Schmitt&Schulz (Nic Schmitt / Peter Schulz)
Referee: Thomas Richter
Assistant on and behind the scenes: Stefanie Hoh
Light- sound engineer: Toni Müller, Mo Walker


Premiere Nov. 2013 as a part of the theme week “Alles sexy oder was” at performance art depot, Mainz

Feb. 2014 at 100° Festival, Berlin


11 Minutes-Cut (Password: Sexy)