den tysta början till slutet

As an alleged reconstruction of a successful Swedish production Schmitt&Schulz bring with til början till slutet (the quiet beginning of the end) an ominous surreal scene on the stage. With an oppressive and persistent slowness and concentration on a particular moment, they create an imaginary space in which time seems to creep in. Together with the performance artist Dr. Treznok, the two performers and directors developed out of bizarre gestures, with the help of symbol-rich objects and atmospheric sound collages, new constellations of different, sometimes bizarre figures. The piece is inspired by the disturbing and mesmerizing imagery in David Lynch’s short film series Rabbits (2002). The allegedly reconstructed mysterious scene experiences are therefore an ironic enhancement. The three performers complement even more surreal scenes in the subsequent self-made development.

In 2015, Schmitt & Schulz developed their 40-minute performance as part of a theme week at the performance art depot Mainz. With this particular piece they are also making statement on the growing pressure to succeed in the production and perception of art. Schmitt&Schulz reflect on the claim that with each new production it needs to be even more innovative, even more spectacular, and more international as possible. They ridicule the hype of fame, as a supposed seal of approval, at the same time.


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